Chunky Munky

Handmade by me for you

I have been crafting on and off since I was 7 years old. Like most people, I was taught by my mum. Then it was granny squares in the 70's at junior school. I wasn't patient enough with sewing, my tacking stitches just got bigger and bigger! I even used to knit small jumpers for my nieces (under 5) on the way to work on the train, a very good use of time I have to say.

Now we have the internet we can get together and discover new ideas, techniques, patterns and contact like minded folks, brilliant! If you are looking for great patterns and a community of experience have you tried Ravelry? It's free to sign up.

TIP: If you ever get stuck and need some help try You Tube, just type in a question eg "How to ......" or search for a specific stitch and there will be a video you can look at. I personally find videos very helpful, I have trouble following images in a book, especially since I am left handed!

Happily knitting clubs (or any craft clubs) are also on the rise again. My crafty and very talented artist friend who also now lives in Todmorden is Rachael Gwilliam she is also the knitting and crochet teacher for the Ministry of Craft. Rachael also does freelance teaching if you want to get a group together or personal one on one teaching.

Having had my "colours done" at House of Colour in Harrogate about 15 years ago (I am a full romantic, bright spring).  Many of the items I make are ideal for the romantics out there, you know who you are! 

I (Helen) live in the wonderful West Yorkshire market town of Todmorden, in the South Pennines.  If you want to come along to say hi take a look at the Events page.

So many crafts and so little time!